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Jim Lansbury is Founder, Chief Creative Officer at RP3 Agency. He likes to think and write about ideas that harness new technology to forge deeper connections between brands and consumers.

Inside the Addys: Where Great Ideas do Come from Anywhere.

Last week I was honored to judge the AAF’s American Advertising Awards National Competition. The American Advertising Awards are the… Continue Reading

How to Overcome the Biggest Challenge of Children’s Hospital Marketing.

One of the biggest challenges of children’s hospital marketing is that no one wants to think about needing a children’s… Continue Reading

A Request for Improvements to the Typical Request for Proposal.

For the past few months, we’ve been drowning in RFIs and RFPs. Which is obviously a good problem to have. Pitching business is the lifeblood of any agency. But it’s also a double-edged sword. Late nights, lost weekends, way too much familiarity with the pizza delivery guy. Continue Reading

Spoiler Alert: This Super Bowl Ad Preview may contain wildly inaccurate spoilers.

Let me start by saying for the record that I hate Super Bowl Ad teasers. It just seems so ridiculous… Continue Reading

Where Will Opportunity Knock Next?

From blockchain to creative bots, here are RP3’s predictions about what will impact brands and the people who build them in 2018. Continue Reading

Holiday Ad Review 2017: The Year of “Bringing People Together”

Let’s face it, 2017 was not exactly a warm and fuzzy year. Everything seemed more polarized, more controversial, more divided… Continue Reading

The Cliches of Children’s Hospital Advertising, and How to Avoid Them.

When it comes to cranking out generic, cliche-ridden advertising, children’s hospitals are unfortunately one of the biggest offenders. Not quite… Continue Reading

When the Student Becomes the Master: Marketing Lessons from the Class of 2017

I recently had the honor of judging the AAF National Student Competition. I went into it thinking I’d see a… Continue Reading

How to Win an Effie Next Year.

Last week, I had the honor of judging the final round of the North American Effie Awards for the third… Continue Reading

Building a new website, Part 2: The Technology Selection

In our last post, we outlined why we believe you should approach building a new website differently – by designing… Continue Reading

The Mopocalypse, One Year Later.

About a year ago, we first warned of Google’s impending update to their algorithm, in which they started giving higher search… Continue Reading

Bridging the CMO/CTO Divide.

According to the recent CMO Digital Benchmark Study by Leapfrog Marketing Institute, over 60% of marketers and their IT counterparts say they don’t see eye to eye on incentives and metrics. With pressure rising on both parties to deliver ROI while offering a seamless customer experience, here are some ways to start bridging the gap.
Continue Reading

Virtual Reality: A Very Real Opportunity for Marketers.

It’s already here. Once relegated to geeky sci-fi fantasy, or worse yet Second Life, Virtual Reality is becoming a reality… Continue Reading

Five Things You Need to Know About Life After the Mopocalypse.

If you think you weathered the Mopocalypse fairly well, here are five reasons you might want to think again. 1. It… Continue Reading

Four Ways Overstressed Marketers Can Relax.

To the surprise of literally no one in the marketing industry, a recent online poll found 80% of marketing professionals claiming… Continue Reading

We’d Like to Take This Opportunity to Reintroduce Ourselves.

The first thing people usually ask once you tell them you run an agency is what kind of agency are… Continue Reading

Goodbye Tiger, Hello Jordan?

Jordan Spieth has all the makings of a brand built to last, even if he never matches Tiger Woods’ records on the golf course. Continue Reading

Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places.

This was my first trip to SXSW, and like a lot of first-timers, I found it a bit overwhelming. I… Continue Reading

To Kill a Brand.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a large, multi-faceted American corporation with a distinctive brand that everyone knows. This brand… Continue Reading

Super Bowl XLIX Ads Left Me Feeling, er, Deflated.

We all know it was a bad year for the NFL PR-wise, from domestic abuse, to catches that weren’t catches,… Continue Reading

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Between beach weeks, summer Fridays and more than a few “client” golf outings, we actually managed to get a lot… Continue Reading

David Letterman, Creative Director.

In the wake of David Letterman’s recent retirement announcement, and the slightly more recent announcement that Stephen Colbert will replace… Continue Reading

Be Careful What You Wish For.

As an outspoken critic of most Super Bowl advertising, I’ve often wished marketers and agencies would grow up when it… Continue Reading

Prank Me Twice, Shame on You.

By now you’ve all probably seen the latest, greatest example of “prank-vertising”, LG’s Job Interview Meteor Prank, in which supposedly unsuspecting… Continue Reading

Where Are They Now?

I recently read in Ad Age that AMC’s advertising reality series The Pitch will be back for season 2, despite mediocre… Continue Reading

You Can Fake Ads, but You Can’t Fake Talent.

By now we’ve all heard about the scandal surrounding the offensive scam ads done by JWT India for the Ford… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Ad Review 2013.

THE BIG TEASE. If you believed all those teasers leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, something big was coming… Continue Reading

NFL: Your Bad Marketing Abuses Fans.

As published in MediaPost’s MarketingDaily. NFL, heads up. Your fans are ready for some better football. The Monday Night debacle… Continue Reading

Forget Austin, Miami, Madison Avenue. DC is America’s Next Great Ad Town.

Washington, DC is known for many things. Great museums, divisive politics and really bad humidity come immediately to mind. Great… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Spoiler Alert.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw an AdAge article announcing that Steve Hayden, legendary copywriter and co-creator of… Continue Reading

Our Favorite, and Least Favorite, Holiday Ads.

According to sales figures and Black Friday injury reports, 2011 has been a banner year for most retailers. But when it comes to holiday ad campaigns, which brands stood out enough to make our nice list? Continue Reading

You say Apocalypse, I say ADpocalypse.

Every creative’s been there before. You come up with a great idea. It feels original. It works in every medium. It’s got huge social media potential. The client loves it. You start bringing it to life, and then, out of nowhere, someone else does it first. Continue Reading

AMC’s “The Pitch” Falls Flat.

According to recent Ad Age article, the success of “Mad Men” on AMC has inspired the network to make its first foray into reality TV with advertising competition show “The Pitch.” But the show, announced in April, has yet to sign a contract with a participating agency. In fact, they’ve been turned down by dozens of New York’s biggest agencies. Continue Reading

RP3 Agency Shines at Effies.

RP3 Agency was recently honored with a silver Effie Award at the 43rd Annual North American Effie Awards in New York, for its work with Washington Area Women’s Foundation. The Effie Awards were initiated in 1968 to acknowledge effectiveness in marketing communications, and have become the preeminent symbol of success in the industry, celebrating creative thinking and ideas that work. Continue Reading

The Brand Your Brand Could Smell Like.

Last night I attended the Effie Awards ceremony in New York, and much to the surprise of no one, Old… Continue Reading

Advice to Ad School Grads: Think Small.

Graduation season is upon us, and that means a slew of aspiring writers, designers, creative technologists, planners and brand managers… Continue Reading

The Great Addy Judge Search.

Everyone in advertising loves award shows. We love to win. And we love to complain when we don’t. The most… Continue Reading

Do Digital Agencies Have It All Wrong?

In a recent Marketing Daily commentary, RP3 Agency’s Chief Marketing Officer John Heenan shares his thoughts on how the next generation of agencies can’t rely on digital alone. To be successful, they must straddle the digital divide by bringing together the best marketing practices of the past with the most promising techniques of today. Continue Reading

Consumers Aren’t Standing Still. Are you?

Long ago in a galaxy far away, our targets would gather in front of the tube, sit attentively and wait for our message. Today, they aren’t waiting, rather multi-tasking online, on the phone, with friends, researching, discussing, and comparing thoughts before proceeding to the check out. Their world is a harried blur of motion from wake-up to wind-down, seven days a week, all while under fire from more than 3,000+ advertising messages a day. Continue Reading

Tweens Have $40 Billion to Spend on Your Brand.

We are working through the challenges of promoting a brand that has appeal to moms and children, and wrestling with… Continue Reading

They Are Women. Hear Them Roar.

I was in a meeting the other day for one of our newest clients, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation. They… Continue Reading

The Good Side of the Recession.

Great things have risen from the ashes of a recession. As painful as it is, necessity seems true to her… Continue Reading

Enter the New Marketing Subcategory: “Social Media”

I was inspired by a recent article in Ad Age, “Agencies Should Be Defined by What They Know, Not What… Continue Reading

Top honors at AMA’s M Awards

Three of our clients (MASN, Stanley Martin Homes and Washington Improv Theater) just heard news that any agency would love… Continue Reading

Measuring Results in a Down Economy

In a declining market, promotional efforts like job loss protection ease the decline, soften the fall, and predispose the consumer to appreciate the brand even if they are not of a mind to buy today. Continue Reading

15 Addy Categories for Collateral, WTF!?

We are just back from the annual DC Addys. And did quite well, thank you very much. Overall, we took… Continue Reading

Another Great Night at the ADDYs.

A study of history vs. progress, the 41st annual ADDY awards celebrated truncated communication in the digital era surrounded by… Continue Reading

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