Be That Woman

For Washington Area Women's Foundation.

Framing the Challenge:

Thanks to the 2009 recession, The Women’s Foundation faced record demand for services, yet charitable giving was down 15% nationwide. We needed to energize their supporters and attract a wider audience to compete for scarce dollars.

Uncovering Insights:

Our research uncovered the fact that almost everyone has a woman in their life who’s made a difference–a woman they could strive to emulate.

Building Opportunity:

We translated that insight into a powerful rallying cry and then built a social movement around it.

It started with a simple, yet powerful video depicting one woman’s journey from vulnerability to strength. When the video played at their annual fundraising luncheon, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Everyone reached for their handkerchiefs–and more importantly their checkbooks.

Moved by what they’d seen, they shared their passion, and their personal stories, with others around the country and the world via tumblr. The best story was voted the winner of the first annual Be That Woman Award.

Tracking Success:

That year, The Women’s Foundation raised as much money as it had in the previous 3 years combined. And what started as a local fundraising drive ended up winning a National Effie as one of the most effective public service campaigns of the year.