Need a Specialist?

For Johns Hopkins Medicine in the DC Area.

Framing the Challenge:

While Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Medicine was widely known and well regarded, its acquisition of two DC-area hospitals and a network of primary care practices in the Washington, DC region was less well known. Our work had to simultaneously help build brand awareness and drive an increase in patient volume to DC-area physicians.

Uncovering Insights:

After taking a deep look at the motivations of our educated but time-challenged audience, we knew that when confronted with a healthcare issue, they immediately turned to the web for answers and followed predictable behavior patterns as they searched for the right physician.

Building Opportunity:

Our goal became to get in front of them online and provide them with an immediate path to education and self-identification as a lead.

Our campaign used a suite of digital assets to create a highly behavior-dependent message-serving structure, individualized to each searcher’s need, and a “lead funnel” model that allowed for real-time results, analysis and optimization for future campaigns.

We employed an innovative mix of sequential animated pre-roll video and display banners, mobile ads and Search Engine Marketing to drive qualified leads to a responsively designed, single-page microsite. Messages served were based on the person’s behavior and click events, and the content of the site was designed to immediately provide the right information to inspire action.

Tracking Success:

Over the course of the campaign, the call center received a record number of calls and made an average of 12% more physician referrals each month while reducing the cost per lead by 79%.